Types of Commercial Windows

How many times have you been impressed by seeing an office building that is tall and has clear glass windows? The fancier the structure, the more appeal it holds. Since businesses have a reputation to maintain, they need to make sure their building stands out in the commercial crowd. It helps them set a great first impression and wow customers and business clients.

Therefore, picking the right windows for your office building is extremely important! Windows provide more than just ventilation. Their architectural and decorative features enhance the overall look of the building.

Nowadays, fixed windows don’t hold the kind of appeal they once used to. Employees and visitors want a relaxing atmosphere. What if we said that you could achieve this and save on energy bills simultaneously ― would you be interested?

Then let’s take a look at the most common yet, modern types of commercial windows:

Sliding Windows

These windows have the same structure as fixed windows but with one major difference: They are movable. Roller bearings are attached underneath the glass that allows the shutters to move. Generally, sliding windows can be seen in shops and bank counters.

Double Hung Windows

These windows have shutters that are attached to a single frame. They are arranged on top of each other and slide vertically in the frame. Meaning: The windows can be opened from the bottom or top.

Double-hung windows are operated by a cord or chain consisting of metal weights connected over pulleys. When the weights are pulled, the shutter moves. One of the best things about this window design is that the shutters can be fixed light and ventilation.

Lantern Windows

Buildings with flat roofs can take advantage of lantern windows. This window design provides more air circulation and light in the interior rooms. Lantern windows have a geometric shape, and they are weatherproof. They can be opened from the inside using a rod to unlatch the hook and push the pane outwards.

Bay Windows

To add angles and projection to the building, install bay windows. These windows not only provide ventilation but light too. In a residential setting, they are mostly used in kitchens. When it comes to commercial settings, they are either used in a corner spot for the conference room or certain sections for displaying items. You can also use them in the lounge area and the top floors for the CEO room.


Skylights are similar to lantern windows, but they are fixed. They are located on the roof and consist of a single glass pane. The main purpose of this window design is to provide natural light. Skylights are an energy-efficient option. They help you save on the electricity bill by lowering your daytime lights cost. Some variants can be opened, but they are mostly used in residential settings.

And there you have it ― five commercial window types that enhance the appearance of your building. If you want to replace your office’s windows or want a glass repair professional, visit Uptown Glass. Your search for a commercial glass company near me will connect you with this premium service provider. To get in touch with them, call (972) 537-8069.