Different Types of Commercial Windows

Windows are a crucial aspect of a structure, not just for light and ventilation but also for aesthetic reasons. Choosing the right window for your building is not a simple task; you must ensure that the window you pick is practical and complements the architectural design of the structure. Depending on the design and construction of the building, many types of windows can be installed. To choose the ideal window for your building, you must first comprehend the many types of commercial windows.

The obvious question is, what are the different types of commercial windows? Keep reading to find out.

Different Types of Commercial Window

When installing a commercial window in any building, the frame material and type of glass are two of the most important factors to consider.

Other factors to consider include:

  • The dimensions of each room
  • The weather conditions
  • The wind’s direction
  • The style of the structure

Type of Glass for Commercial Windows

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is composed of polyvinyl plastic interlayers fused by heat and pressure. Two panes of glass are used, joined together by a thick sheet of plastic that strengthens the glass. This glass’s property is that when shattered, the glass clings to the plastic and does not scatter.

Tampered glass

Most commercial buildings utilize tampered glass, commonly known as “safety glass.” It is stronger than annealed glass and, when shattered, breaks into tiny shards, which are less dangerous.

Window Type

After selecting the glass type, you can consider your window type by inspecting the different windows used in commercial buildings.

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows’ central function is to let natural light into a structure. They are permanently attached to the wall and cannot be opened or closed. They are typically waterproof with fully-glazed window panes.

Sliding Windows

These are moveable windows that can be moved either vertically or horizontally. They provide a wide range of views and are commonly found in stores.

Double Hung Windows

As it is attached by a pair of panes to a single frame, the window may open from either the top or bottom. The panes are layered on top of each other. These two panes can slide vertically within the frame.

Casement Windows

These windows function similarly to doors in terms of opening and closing. In commercial buildings, this is a rather popular window since it is simple to operate.

Metal Windows

Metal windows are often used in state buildings. These are less expensive and have more outstanding durability. They are made of mild steel along with other metals such as aluminum, bronze, and stainless steel.

The Bottom Line

When you remodel or construct a building, you make a long-term investment, so choose your windows wisely. Make sure you do your research and work with a company that has been there — and will be there — for a long time to help you with any challenges. Select the best commercial windows and a company that can assure flawless installation.

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