What Are Storm Windows

When renovating your house, the one thing you need to focus on is comfort. Cozy recliners, warm prints, and throw pillows scattered on a daybed are just some things that give your house an inviting look.

Then, there are more significant house elements that massively impact your living experience,  like windows. You need to decide on the type of window you will choose.

Here’s our suggestion: Storm windows.

If your heart is already set on some other material, you will be glad to know that storm windows are installed on the exterior of existing windows and come in 2-track or 3-track configurations. These windows are highly recommended because if you live in an area with heavy wind storms or harsh weather, you will rest easy in your house knowing nothing will get to you; they are that strong!

Storm Window Design

Storm windows are available in both wood and aluminum frames. Hence, they will easily complement your existing window design.

You will find these windows in two models: One that can be opened and the other that stays shut. If you choose to purchase the former, keep in mind that you will have to pay extra attention to its maintenance.

Moisture that will get trapped between the two windows can lead to condensation, which will damage the frames by rotting or rusting them from the inside.

Pros and Cons of Storm Windows


Reduced Energy Bill: Storm windows cut your energy bill by 30%.

Block Sound: Dampen noise from barking dogs, traffic, and leaf blowers. A few models can reduce noise up to 95%.

More Affordable Than New Windows: Costs around 50% less than replacing a window.

Preserve Existing Windows: This allows you to install the windows over your existing windows.

Protect Against Harsh Weather: Shields your home and the windows from rain, wind, sleet, and snow.


Cannot Be DIYed: Storm windows with wood frames are heavy, and installing them is a two-person job, especially for a double-story house.

Alter The Facade: A few storm windows have unusual designs that might impact curb appeal.

Require Upkeep: Both wood and aluminum frames have disadvantages and must be adequately maintained to prevent rot and rust.

Energy Star Label

Low-e or low-emissivity glass comes with a thin film applied on the outside and reflects UV rays and heat. This glass is around 50% more energy-efficient compared to standard glass. So, when buying storm windows, look for the Energy Star label, indicating that the glass exceeds standards for heat transmission and air infiltration.

Storm windows are worth looking into because they provide easy installation and protection at an affordable price.

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