What Are Glass Partitions

What if you wanted to renovate your house by dicing one of your big rooms, but didn’t have the money for the construction? Putting up a screen doesn’t exactly sound like a good solution, but you know what would?

A glass partition!

We know what you are wondering: They are see-through and don’t offer much privacy.

Well, whatever you have heard about this glass beauty is completely wrong. The name of this wall makes it sound delicate, but it is quite strong and aesthetically appealing.

Let’s find out more about it:

What Is a Glass Partition?

Glass partitions are high-quality glass walls that are made of non-load-bearing and individual standing panes. They function as a room divider and allow you to separate open spaces easily without modifying the construction of your house.

Such partition systems are completely made of glass from floor to ceiling. They open up the space and give a unique look to the room. Not all partitions are fully made of glass. Some of them come with aluminum frames, and others are mounted with special hardware to keep them steady.

How a Glass Partition Works

Since a glass partition is mostly used for interior decoration, architects use it to divide rooms. This is done easily without light diffusion and sacrificing floor space. By allowing natural light in, you change how the textures, patterns, shapes, and colors interact in the room, which is what makes the evening view inside the room mesmerizing.

Here’s why glass partitions are gaining popularity so quickly:

  • They tend to be more affordable compared to traditional building materials such as drywall
  • They are scalable
  • You can reconfigure the wall and move it around to suit your other needs
  • Compared to sheetrock, this option is less permanent and a great mobile solution
  • Greater transparency
  • Reduces need for additional lighting and lowers energy bills
  • Allows you to create a private workspace in your room
  • Offers more connectivity and openness
  • As a commercial application, it allows team leaders and members to work side by side without disturbing each other

Glass Partition Walls vs. Framed Walls

Framed walls work well in retail spaces and offices. While they offer residential applications too but the privacy a framed wall offers for a business is incomparable unless the office has shared working space.

On the other hand, a full glass wall creates an airy space, as mentioned above. Most glass partitions use aluminum mounting hardware to ensure that the wall stays up straight. One addition that many homeowners make to glass partitions is that they either add a sliding or hinged door to it.

Glass partitions are tempered, and the edges are polished to prevent any injuries. The vertical joint between two panes is packed with acrylic or silicone foam tape, which offers sound resistance and rigidity. If the glass wall needs to be attached to the concrete wall, then a special side frame is created. For extra privacy, the wall is also available in tinted and opaque glass.

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