What Are Frameless Doors

When it comes to shower doors, there are three options available to you: Framed, semi-framed and frameless. If you want a traditional look, the first two options will prove to be the perfect match. However, if you are looking for something well-designed that will give your bathroom an elegant look, we suggest opting for the frameless option.

What are Frameless Doors?

A frameless door has no framing. It’s a simple sheet of glass attached to a surface with bolts or hinges. Many homeowners use it to highlight their shower’s high-end features such as the shower jets, shower head, toiletry holder, and more.

A frameless door gives a small space an airy and open look. Since these doors are made from heavy glass, they tend to be a bit on the pricier side. However, the benefits they provide more than makeup for the cost.

Advantages of Frameless Glass Doors

Superior Style and Design Options

Don’t want the traditional rectangle shower stall? You don’t need to worry. With the frameless glass option, you can have your door any way you like. There are countless possibilities, and no matter how complex the design with curves, a professional provider of this product will easily accommodate you. Since all glass doors are custom-manufactured, you can have one in any shape and size.

Brighten Up the Place

Shower curtains shroud your shower stall in darkness. If your bathroom has a single light bulb and isn’t well lit, you might find trouble in grabbing things as your razor, shampoo, and more when you are in the shower.

With a frameless glass door in place, the space will light up, appear more room and improve visibility.

No Mold Buildup

Since there’s no frame involved, there’s no chance of mold buildup. Moreover, there are no seals that might disintegrate and cause a mess. Lastly, there’s no crevice for soap build, which protects you from every corner.

Easy to Clean

Compared to other doors, fiberglass is easier to clean and manage. All you need to do is get a bowl of soapy power, dip a sponge in it and scrub the windows and then use a squeegee to wipe the surface clean.


Has it ever happened to you that while you were taking a shower, your foot slipped, and you fell, wrapping yourself in the curtain? The not-being-able-to-see part was what probably came in between finding something to hold yourself on to.

Since frameless glass is insulated, it can bear your weight and offer you safety if you trip and fall.

These are just some of the benefits that frameless glass door offers. It modernizes the bathroom and gives it a luxurious feel.

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