Why Do You Need Frameless Doors

As architecture has evolved over the years, many new ideas and options have made their way to the top, and frameless doors are one of them. Frameless doors are all the rage nowadays, with most architects and interior designers choosing to install this latest contemporary option in the most up-to-date houses and buildings.

What are They?

Frameless doors are exactly what you think they are when you talk about them.

Also known as hidden or invisible doors, these are made up entirely of tempered glass that do not have any visible supporting frame. They are supported by sturdy metal hinges that meet the panels, upon which the door can swing open or close.

They are what you get when you combine high-quality technology and products with state-of-the-art design.

Frameless doors can be installed using unlimited design options. They can be made to blend in with the wall or can be made up using additional products such as leather or glass etching.

Why Do You Need Frameless Doors?

Most building planners and interior designers have turned to minimalism which has seen a spike in demand for frameless doors in the market.

Frameless glass doors are mainly installed to improve the overall aesthetics of any location, along with offering full functionality.

Where to Use Them?

These doors can be installed wherever you want them to. Doors with heating and cooling insulation are often installed in the exterior of commercial buildings to give them an elegant look.

Frameless doors may also be installed in balconies and conservatory windows to give a perfect view while maintaining partition.

Another place where such doors are commonly installed is in bathrooms and room dividers, where you can choose between transparent and translucent doors.

Technicalities of Frameless Doors

These doors have a panel upon which the glass is mounted. It normally gets hidden under the wall plaster. If the wall is also made up of glass, the doors are attached using metal hinges.

The doors can swing open at 180 degrees. They have a magnetic lock that is soundless and secured. The lock is also constructed in such a way to make sure that the strike plate is not visible, allowing the frameless door to work perfectly.

Why Choose Them?

Apart from their obvious minimalistic and ornamental appeal, frameless doors are also constructed using commercial glazing and employed to let in the ideal amount of light.

They are made up of advanced technology that is also energy efficient. Frameless doors may have a high initial cost. But they reduce the cost of your energy bills by a large amount. This effectively helps you save money in the long run.

The Bottom Line

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