Trending Remodels

Are you having trouble changing your house to give it a new look? People no longer want something big or fancy in their house. They are looking for convenience in designs that serve multiple functions.

Let’s take a look at the top 2022 trending remodeling designs you should consider for your house:

No More Kitchen Segregation

There was a time when the kitchen was kept separate from the dining room. This seperation was made to contain the heat and smells of food. Moreover, homeowners wanted to conceal the kitchen because things sometimes get messy.

Today, an open-kitchen concept is preferred over closed quarters. Cooking has now become a hobby instead of a chore. Open kitchens either include the living room or the dining room. In some houses, they open up to the hall.

Bye, Bye Bathtub

Bathtubs have been coveted for a long time. Most homeowners would envision themselves taking a relaxing bath, listening to music, and drinking a glass of their favorite wine. However, they are now scrapping this design and replacing it with a walk-in shower. Here, shower stalls are less expensive and easy to clean.

Bold Wallpaper

When a house was sold, it would usually have neutral-colored walls. Sellers didn’t want the interior to look too loud, fearing that a potential buyer might not like it.

Today, when it comes to renovation, a great way to give the interior a new and fresh look is to put up unique wallpaper. One of the best things about wallpapers is that they fit everywhere. They come in bold patens and colors and are statement pieces.

A Laundry Room

Basement laundry rooms can be spooky. Plus, the lack of ventilation underneath makes this simple task a challenging chore. Due to this reason, modern builders decided to designate laundry as a room, mostly on the house’s second floor.

It has shelves for storing linens and cleaning products. There’s plenty of space to fit in a washer and dryer, boxes of detergent in bulk, and a small sink for clothes that need to be hand-washed.

Storage Space

Extra storage space is always appreciated. However, homeowners are now taking it to a new level by decluttering the kitchen and making it look spotless. From appliances to crockery, everything is stored in cupboards. Spices and non-perishables are stored in a closet, bottles have revolving racks. Food is placed in air-tight containers labeled for easy use.

This setup is the Holy Grail for kitchen organizations, and you will find plenty of YouTube videos dedicated to it online.

There are a few other trending remodels that are worth mentioning. These include:

  • A home office
  • Multifunctional spaces (A pull-out bed with a table attached underneath that transforms into a work desk)
  • Smart appliances
  • A greener interior (Indoor plants)

Remodeling your house can be challenging. It requires a unique perspective and skills. The Uptown Glass website offers repair and remodeling services for homes and offices. As one of Texas’s premium glass and glazing companies, it provides quality products and professional services. For glass repairs or help financing your renovation project, call (972) 537-8069.