Importance of Repairs

Selling your home is a big decision that requires careful consideration. How fast your property goes off the market depends on how you present it. Think of this process as similar to selling a packaged product on a shelf. The more attractive the packaging, the higher the chances of a customer picking it up for inspection.

Pay attention to the small details; by that, we mean repairs. A potential buyer clocks everything from a leaky kitchen faucet to mold on the wall. According to the National Association of Realtors (NARS), staged homes sell 67% faster than un-staged homes.

To sell a home successfully, sellers should put themselves in the buyer’s shoes. Imagine entering a house you are planning to buy, and the first thing you see are boxes piled in the corner. There’s clutter everywhere. Would you buy such a house?

Probably not, because first impression matters!

Here are a few exterior and interior repairs that you should do before staging the house:

Exterior Repairs


Ensure all the shrubs and trees are well-trimmed if you have a garden. Mow the lawn and water it 15 minutes before the buyer arrives to give the grass a dewy look.

Driveway and Pavement

First, you must pressure-wash the driveway and pathway and repair any stains or cracks. These improvements will boost the overall curb appeal, showing the buyer that you have been taking good care of the house.


In the grand scheme of repairs, this might seem like a small one but panting the mailbox and making sure the numbers are clearly visible on the side gives your house a fresh look.

Front Door

A fresh coat of paint for your front door will make it stand out on the block. If you don’t have the budget to repaint the exterior, this will be an inexpensive and worthy repair.


Paint the fence white after repairing it. This significant repair gives your house a picture-perfect look.



If you have carpets in your house, do a deep clean. Consider replacing it and installing tiles if the stains are stubborn.


Indentations left behind by wall art are sore spots. We suggest filling them with plaster of Pairs, smoothing the surface, and applying paint .


Mold stains on the ceiling tell a tale of plumbing problems. After inspecting the walls for leaks, treat them for mold and paint the room.


Windows, baseboards, sinks, and bathtubs need caulking to give them a fresh look.


From wood to glass doors, all need to be polished and cleaned. Ensure the doors don’t squeak, and replace all the door handles.


Chipped baseboards can be dangerous. If a potential buyer trips due to a crack in the baseboard, word will spread like wildfire that your house is a health hazard. So, fix the baseboard and get them polished for a bright look.

These repairs will help you sell your house at your desired asking price and ensure that your property stays on the market for a short time. Stage with minimal furniture and let the potential buyer explore your house to see how well you have taken care of it.

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