Choosing a Remodeler

Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

We understand you plan to do some remodeling to give the little one their personal space.

First up on the list is hiring a remodeling contractor.

The question is: How do you choose?

It can be challenging to search for a reliable contractor because there are several things you need to consider. To ensure you have an enjoyable and satisfying experience with no regrets, we have listed all the attributes when choosing a remodeler.

A Portfolio

Looking at the previous work done by the contractor allows you to know whether the contractor will be able to understand your project demands or not. Their website should have a portfolio showcasing recent jobs. Ask for before are after pictures to get an idea of their glow-up skills.

If you know someone who has worked with the contract you are currently in talks with, find out whether they were happy with the remodel. Of course, every project is different, but hearing their story will tell you a lot about the contractor, his team, and small, essential details you should know when choosing a remodeler.

Reviews and References

Reviews can either make or break your business. Browse Better Business Bureau (BBB) to determine the contractor’s reputation. When reading reviews, here’s what you should focus on: Instead of counting the number of negative reviews, check what they say. If a review talks about low-quality products, immediately remove the contractor from your list. If the review seems like a rant about how the contractor didn’t give a discount and the labor cost was too high, dig a little deeper to find out the real problem or if there was even one.

Most people hire contractors from references made by family members and friends because they can give a detailed account of their experience. So, ask in your circle first and then take your search online.

Licenses and Certifications

A contractor without the license to operate in a state and not certified to perform a remodeling job is not worth hiring! If your house comes under the homeowner’s association (HA), you will need specific permits for the remodel. If the HA finds out that the work done on one of the houses in the community is not legal, you will be charged a hefty fine.

Customer Service

Did the…

  • contractor and his team clean up after themselves?
  • workers keep you apprised of the changes?
  • team leader calmly answer your question every time you were in doubt?
  • team respect your privacy?
  • leader warn you about any delays they might experience due to a problem?

These are the small things people notice when hiring someone for a service. If the contractor communicates with you openly and has the knack to ease your concerns, he’s the right man for the job.

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