Signs You Should Replace Your Windows

The windows in your house play an important role. They increase airflow, provide natural lighting, and give your house an aesthetically pleasing look from inside and outside. Moreover, they increase your home’s energy efficiency, which is good for installing them.

Modern windows have better insulation, which allows you to keep your home cozy in winter and cool in summer. Your household’s comfort depends on your windows, which is why you need to decide right now whether you should replace them or not.

We have already given you enough reasons. However, we understand that making such a costly decision on the spot can be difficult. So, we have come up with the top signs of window wear and tear that will help you make up your mind.

Here are the warning signs your windows are in some serious need of a little TLC:

Condensation Buildup

If you spot fogging or condensation between the windowpanes, your window’s seals have failed. The only way condensation can make its way in there if the sea is not airtight. This lower’s the efficiency of windows. Do not ignore this because it might lead to drafts that will increase energy costs.


Cool air making its way inside us is one of the biggest signs that your windows are worn out. Over time, old windows become drafty. This allows air to escape from your house, which you can feel if you stand close to the window. The energy lost through windows accounts for 1/3 of y6our cooling and heating costs. If the window is damaged beyond repair, you will see the frame warping from the edges.

Hot Glass in Warm Weather

Old windows have a single pane, which does not offer much protection from outside weather. If your window feels hot when you touch it then it’s poorly insulated.

Cracked Window Frames

Don’t dismiss the small crack in your window frame. It might not seem like an urgent issue. However, if the crack spreads, you won’t be able to get it repaired. Meaning: You will have to replace them, which will cost you more.

Dropping Windows

Single or double-hung windows have a problem: They often slide down on their own when the spring breaks. If you have children in your house, get your windows repaired immediately for safety reasons. Your child might be looking out the window when the window comes down on his neck, which can cause serious injuries.

You may not have seen it but give your windows another look. Don’t they look old? You have such a beautiful house, which you painstakingly decorated. Don’t let a panel of glass destroy it. New windows will improve your curb appeal and complement your house’s overall design.

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