Repair or Replace

If you have a broken window that you currently have to deal with, you likely think you should get it replaced or find some way to repair it. Most people opt for a replacement; however, we will discuss both options you may go for.

Most people prefer a replacement, but replacement can cost excessive money compared to repair. However, restoration can’t always happen. In cases where there’s no chance for repair, the only option is that of replacement.

When Should You Opt for Repairing Your Window?

Broken Glass or Cracked Window

If you have a relatively new window with an accidental crack, you can easily ask the glazier to repair it. Also, if the quality of the glass is up to the mark, the professional will have no problem fixing the window. If the window is already chipping or on its verge, you may want to replace it instead.

Lack of Proper Window Casing

There is a loose, cracked, rotting, or missing exterior, leading to further window damage. If the casing is damaged, it isn’t enough for you to work on window replacement. Instead, you can replace the window casing so that the repair will work just fine in this situation.

Minor Water Leakage

Sustained water leakage can make minor problems convert to bigger ones due to a lack of proper sealing. Window seals are placed to ensure they can protect against water damage. However, minor water leakages can cause water to remain, resulting in the force being much greater than the seal can handle. You will have to redirect the drainage system and have your window seals replaced.

Rotting Drip Cap

The drip cap is the specific shield that remains at the top of the window. It is an easy repair you can likely fix by yourself. You don’t have to ask for any external help. These drip caps, which provide rust-free damage and prevent rot, can be found anywhere. You won’t have to do a lot of work to repair your window in this case.

When Should You Opt for Window Replacement?

Blurry Window

If you feel like the window is too blurry and can no longer see outside of it even after getting your window cleaned professionally, consider getting a window replacement. If you have an insulated glass window unit window and it turns foggy, the only thing you can do is have the window replaced.

Structural Problems

If you feel like the window has some grave structural problems, it’s better to have it replaced. The structural issues could be due to several reasons, like weakened externals and lack of durability and quality of the window’s glass. There may be a lack of insulation in the windows. In these cases, you should get your window replaced.

Final Thoughts

It is up to you whether you replace or repair a window. However, if you can’t decide, call a professional who can give their expert opinion regarding what is feasible.

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