Increase Your Property’s Value

Increase Your Property’s Value. Every house has its quirks. From the toilet handle, which jiggles a lot, to the electrical outlets that don’t work correctly, there are many repairs you need to do when selling your house. Of course, these are just the minor ones. The major ones cost a pretty penny, all because you didn’t pay attention to maintenance.

The good news is that you will recoup the cost of these repairs in the sale price.

Buyers prefer houses that require few repairs. If these repairs are cosmetic, they are less likely to consider your house. Staging plays a role in this scenario. As for the repairs that a home inspector might question you about, you need to hire a professional to fix them ASAP.

Here are some common repairs that you should invest in:


Plumbing leaks can cause mold on the wall.

They have probably drawn on the walls to show you their art skills if you have kids.

If you love hanging photographs and artwork, there might be a dozen holes in the wall.

You can quickly fix all these problems with a fresh coat of paint. Choose a neutral color because you don’t know what a buyer might like. Your job is to fix the holes, treat the walls for mold, fix the plumbing, and repaint the wall to give your interior a new look.

Update Lighting Fixtures

While natural lighting streaming in through the windows encased with curtains gives the room an aesthetic touch, nothing can beat the need for artificial lighting. You have plenty of options here, including bulbs, LEDs, hanging lights, lanterns, etc. Make sure to choose appropriate fixtures for every room. You can experiment with the designs but keep the colors the same.

Fix Damaged Flooring

Outdated carpeting, tired linoleum, and warped wood boards give your house a shabby look. It’s the first thing buyers notice when they step inside the house. Imagine a potential buyer tripping from a torn, overturned piece of carpet. You can say goodbye to your deal then and there.

So, upgrade the flooring and use a trending option, such as planks or nature-inspired motifs. You don’t necessarily have to rip out the entire floor. Repair the ones with minor damage and replace the ones in key rooms, such as the kitchen and bathroom.

A Bathroom Remodel

If you are looking for a budget-friendly way to remodel your bathroom, here are some tips:

  • Paint the cabinets
  • Change cabinet pulls
  • Place a rug
  • Install shelves and place potted plants on them
  • Add lighting to the vanity mirror

Repair Leaks

The bathtub is not draining correctly; the toilet bowl is filling up with water; the faucet in the kitchen is leaky; the water heater is damaged; a gutter line is blocked, etc. all these problems are revealed in a home inspection. Before the buyer gets a full report and withdraws his deal, get these repairs done, so there are no delays in the sale.

We shared five simple repairs that will tell the buyer you have taken reasonable care of the house, leading to a successful sale. For your home repair and remodeling needs, visit the Uptown Glass website. The company offers quality glass repairs and products for homes and offices. They also provide financing for home remodeling projects. For more information, call (972) 537-8069.