Glass vs White Boards

If you went to school during the 90s or 2000s, you likely saw your school replace chalkboards with whiteboards over summer vacation. Schools mostly made this change due to increased cases of allergies caused by dust from chalkboards. whiteboards were the better alternative, and they have stayed as such for a long time.

Most schools use whiteboards, but their use goes beyond schools. Offices also need whiteboards to work out a game plan or a strategy. However, a new board is making the rounds everywhere. Glass boards are similar to whiteboards, except for the white base color.

This article discusses glass boards and whiteboards and whether there’s a significant difference between the two.

White Boards

Whiteboards are more traditional. They are widely used in schools to detail lessons and explain concepts to learners. They are also used in offices to discuss team strategies in meetings. However, offices have seen a dramatic decline in their use of whiteboards due to other digital alternatives present.

Whiteboards also exist in several different sizes, so you can opt for any that will fit your home or your school. They are easy to clean and don’t leave any residue behind. You can brighten up your classroom by using different pens. A white base also allows people to look at the notes more easily.

Glass Boards

Glass boards are the new pretty thing that stands out. These boards look more aesthetically pleasing than whiteboards. Whiteboards are generally made from melamine, and glass boards are made of tempered safety glass. Glass boards also work with all types of décor as they don’t impart any color to the background.

Glass boards have to be transparent. You can customize your glass boards based on the preferences you may have. You can fit a different color glass board in schools depending on the vibe you want in the classroom. The same applies to offices. A glass board is also more expensive than a melamine whiteboard, so you will have to be careful with it.

Many people believe the more significant expense also adds to the better quality of the material. They are incredibly durable and are unlikely to wear out quickly. The glass won’t dent and is highly scratch-resistant. They won’t stain, and they don’t lose their shine over a period. If you want to prioritize specific topics over others, the colored surface of the glass boards can give you a perfect way to do so.

Glass vs White Boards

  1. Whiteboards are less expensive, and glass boards are more expensive.
  2. Glass boards are available in all sorts of colors.
  3. Glass boards are more durable than whiteboards.
  4. Glass boards can be used in combination with whiteboards.
  5. Glass boards are easily customizable and can be used in several different applications. At the same time, whiteboards are an empty canvas that can also aid people more traditionally.

Final Thoughts

Whiteboards and glass boards are not that different. Both of them act as mediums for communication. However, they have minor differences that make them stand apart from the others.

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