Glass Windows Increase the Value

Windows offer sunlight an easy way to brighten up your office. They are energy-efficient fixtures that help you save on the electricity bill. Moreover, they provide privacy and security. However, have you ever thought they have the power to boost employee productivity?

A well-lit room has a different vibe, all thanks to windows. Hence, small businesses should consider revamping their office space with floor-to-ceiling windows. The feel and look of your office space significantly impact profitability. First impressions matter; clients will be charmed by your setup.

Let’s look at some of the reasons you should install glass windows in your office:

Light Makes a Dramatic Impression

One of the best benefits of natural light is that it makes your area look more spacious. Windows offer a modern ambiance, and carefully selected plants adorning the windowsill or standing beside the frame complete the look.

The Flexibility of Glass Partitions

Sliding glass partitions will distribute light everywhere. They are often used in commercial settings because you can easily move partitions to change the office’s floor plan. You can choose between translucent and tinted panels for transparency or privacy.

Minimizes Maintenance

Glass might seem fragile, but the ones used in commercial settings are made of high-quality material that doesn’t break easily on impact. Instead of investing thousands of dollars in paint yearly, all your glass panels need is a quick wipe-down.

Commercial glass does not break into shards that might harm a person sitting nearby. It either shatters, and the glass is held inside a thin film, or it breaks into thousand blunt pieces.

Better Thermal Insulation

One benefit of windows that is often overlooked is thermal insulation. When you own a business, you always look for ways to minimize energy costs. Commercial windows keep the indoors warm in winter by absorbing sunlight and cool in summer by preventing air leakage.

Boosts Productivity

Did you know that natural light happens to be the best medicine for employees? According to research by Professor Alan Hedge from Cornell University, natural light is directly tied to enhanced individual performance. The research results revealed that workers sitting close to glass windows, exposed to direct sunlight, had 2% higher productivity, equivalent to $100,000/year in value.

Natural light offers a better and more joyful indoor experience. The workers reported that no access to views and lack of daylight decreases their ability to recover from fatigue. Those sitting closer to windows had 80% higher daylight satisfaction.

If you ask us, this feature of glass windows beats all other benefits. You can present it as a statistic when selling your commercial space. From a business point-of-view, the buyer will understand the value of such a building.

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