DIY Cleaners for Your House Windows

You clean your window, only to see a couple of minutes later it has those pesky white strikes!

What to do?

Sometimes, it feels like wiping windows is an endless task. No matter how thoroughly you do your work, you will see a smudge or two.

Here’s what we suggest: Take a natural approach instead of buying commercial cleaners. They are full of chemicals that can be abrasive to your window glass. The good news is that plenty of household ingredients can help you clean your windows and keep them shiny.

Before we tell you the recipe for this DIY cleaner, here are two things you need to know:

Use Cold Water to Clean the Window

Let’s solve the debate about whether cold or hot water is suitable for cleaning windows. We say the former because the latter will evaporate quickly and leave white stains on the glass. That makes sense, right?

Start With the Frame First

Remove the loose dirt using a vacuum cleaner, and dissolve the caked dirt with a cleanser. Spray the cleaner into the crevices and wait a few minutes for it to loosen. Finally, use a brush to scrub it and wipe it all with a cloth.

DIY Window Shiner

Things You Will Need

  • A spray bottle
  • A small whisk
  • ½ cup water
  • One tablespoon cornstarch
  • Two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • ½ cup white vinegar
  • Crumpled newspaper


  • In a bowl, mix lemon juice, cornstarch, and vinegar (The acidity of lemon juice cuts through grime and grease, giving you streak-free windows)
  • Mix half a cup of tap water into it
  • Use the whisker to mix the solution so there are no lumps
  • Pour the solution into the spray bottle and give it a good shake
  • Spray the window with the solution and clean it with a balled-up newspaper in circular motions
  • At first, you will see some chalky white film. Put in a little elbow grease, and all of it will disappear right away, revealing a shiny window

You can also use baking powder instead of cornstarch. The addition of vinegar is a must. Like lemon juice, its acidity helps break down dirt. The reason for using lemon is that it leaves a good smell. You can add a few drops of essential oil too.

This cleaner is non-toxic and can be used once a week. You can do light maintenance with warm water, a squeegee, and a microfiber cloth.

If your window still doesn’t get that spotless shine and looks a little blurry, it’s time to replace it. Consider getting energy-efficient and UV-resistant windows this time. They will reduce your energy bill and keep your house warm in winter and breezy in summer. Moreover, they will last longer.

Look in your pantry to get the ingredients mentioned in the list and check the cabinet under your kitchen sink for the tools. This solution will take 30 minutes to clean all your windows.

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