Protect Your Windows From Storms

People often get a storm warning, and instead of preparing, they start freaking out. If your country or state has issued a notification for a storm, you should be prepared for everything. Most people ask one of the most common questions is if you can protect your windows from the storm, and the answer is pretty simple. Yes, you can.

High-flying winds can cause you to blow out your windows completely. This may result in a lot of damage overall, and the chances are that you will have to spend more time and money recovering from that damage. However, you can prevent this by protecting your windows from the storm as best as possible.

Ways to Protect Your Windows From the Storm

Now that we know that we can protect the windows from the storm, there’s the idea of how? You can save your windows from storms in the following ways.

Protective Film

Protective fils or security film is one of the most cost-efficient ways of ensuring that the debris doesn’t get all over your home in case of an impact with some object. It is a film you apply to the inside of your windows so that it can catch any pieces of glass or debris in case something happens. These are low-cost options, which is why most insurance companies don’t offer any benefits alongside them. It is also important to remember that though the film can provide a fair bit of damage control, it is not fool-proof and can only offer limited protection.

Hurricane Barriers

Hurricane barriers are made using hurricane fabric. The material is a special parachute-like material that can bounce objects away from the window whenever they fly into it. The stretchy fabric protects any glass from impact, making it better as a storm protectant. However, this barrier can then bounce the debris from the windows to any other place in your driveway, like your car or any other possession. Thus, this is something that you may have to take care of.


Another way to protect your window is by taping them up with plywood. It is a cost-efficient method. However, it does require a fair bit of work on your end. You have to ensure that everything is in its place so there are no issues regarding security. The way to secure plywood is by providing that you buy pieces that are 8 inches larger than your windows on each side and then securing them tightly using different ropes and heavy-duty screws and washers. Another advantage that plywood offers are that homeowners can use it repeatedly.

Hurricane Shutters

You must use hurricane shutters if you’ve been told about an incoming hurricane. These hurricane shutters act like barriers that can protect windows of all types from storms and limit any potential damage.

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